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Windmill White - Crisp and clean dry white Chardonel wine. Serve chilled with fruits, cheeses, poultry, or seafood. 

Maid of the Harbor - A light tropical semi-sweet white wine made of the Edelweiss grape. Often reminds one of a Riesling. Serve chilled. 

Catawba Sunset - A wine with a tangy fruity character like the Catawba grape. Pairs well with poultry. Serve chilled. 

Classy Lady - A sweet white wine made rom Chardonel grapes. Enjoy with sweets or desserts. Serve chilled. 

Twilight White - A blend of the Vignole and St. Pepin grapes with a crisp and clean bouquet and long finish. Serve chilled. 


Pretty Belle Peach - A dessert wine made from peaches. Serve chilled. 

Pear-A-Dyce - A delicious fragrance of ripening pears is evident in the bouquet of the pear wine, combined with a balanced sweetness. Great with desserts! Serve chilled. 


Tivoli Celebration - A medium full-bodied dry red wine made from the Frontenac grape. Has a bit of fruity of fruity character for a dry wine. It pairs well with prime rib. Serve at room temperature. 

Horse Trader - A medium full-bodied dry red made from Cynthiana Norton grapes and aged with French Oak. Serve at room temperature. 

Sweet Caroline - A medium bodied wine with earthy tones. Excellent served with any red pasta sauce dish. Serve at room temperature. 

Hayfork Red - A blend of blueberry and red grapes that yield a light fruity wine. A very aromatic wine that is not too sweet, but not too dry. Pairs well with pork, wild game, red sauce pasta dishes. Serve at room temperature 

Countryside Red - A semi-dry light red wine made with Foch grapes. A lighter red wine that pairs well with pork and wild game. It also compliments turkey. Serve either room temp or chilled. 

Countryside Blush - A Frontenac, St. Pepin, and Vignoles blend, semi-sweet wine. Serve chilled. 

Danish Arbor - A fruity, sweet Concord wine that should be served chilled. A local favorite. Perfect for taking on a picnic.  


Blueberry Delight - The rich taste of blueberry with just a hint of peach. Enjoy this wine with a variety of desserts. Serve chilled. 

Rhuberry - A summertime blend of rhubarb and strawberries. ENJOY! Serve chilled. 

Berryessa - A sweet blackberry wine. Enjoy with a dessert or vanilla ice cream. Pairs well with chocolate. Serve chilled. 

Cherrilicious - Pairs well with chocolate. Serve chilled. 

Millhouse Cran - A holiday delight! Serve chilled. 

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