OUR WINE SELECTION - at the Winery and these fine merchants

Rhuberry -- Sweet: A great favorite summertime blend of rhubarb and strawberries for your pallet. One might enjoy this with a picnic lunch or by itself while relaxing in the late afternoon. Serve chilled
Cherrilicious -- Sweet: This has the anticipated sweet cherry flavor that is balanced with it's sweetness. May be enjoyed with milk chocolate as well as any pork entree. Serve Chilled  
White Wines

WINDMILL WHITE:   A light and crisp dry white wine made in a Chablis style from Chardonel grapes. Pairs well with fish or poultry.
TWILIGHT WHITE:  A dry white wine made from the Brianna grape. It is a fruity wine that has a hint of pineapple.  Pairs well with cheeses.
CRYSTAL SPRINGS GOLD:  A very smooth and light semi-sweet white wine made from the LaCrosse grape.  Enjoy this wine in the afternoon or evening.
MAID OF THE HARBOR:  A light tropical semi-sweet white wine made from the Edelweiss grape  and often resembles a Riesling.
CATAWBA SUNSET:  A fruity semi-sweet white wine made from Catawba grapes  that has the characteristic tanginess of that grape.
CLASSY LADY:  A sweet wine made from Chardonel grapes.  It may be served as a dessert wine.
SUGAR & SPICE:  A sweet-late harvest blended wine that has a unique spiciness and sweet flavor intensity from the St. Pepin grape. Served chilled as a dessert wine.

Blush Wines 

MISTY THISTLE:  A rosé style semi-sweet  wine. A Catawba, Brianna and Frontenac blend. Flavors and aromas that surprise the palate. Serve chilled.

COUNTRYSIDE BLUSH:  A rosé style semi-sweet made with Catawba and Foch grapes and  can be served with tasty cheeses and resembles a White Zinfandel.

Red Wines 
HAYFORK RED -- Semi Sweet :  A blend of blueberry and red grapes that yield a light fruity wine. A very aromatic wine that is not too sweet but not too dry. Pairs well with pork, wild game and red sauce pasta dishes.

TIVOLI CELEBRATION: A medium bodied dry red wine made from the Frontenac grape  and has some fruity character for a dry wine.  It goes well with any beef from a hamburger to a steak.
:  A medium to full bodied dry red wine made from Cynthianna Norton grapes and aged with French oak.  It goes well with any beef entree such as prime rib.
SWEET CAROLINE:  A more full bodied semi-dry wine made from the Frontenac grape  and is like a slighty sweetened Merlot.  This wine goes great with any Italian dish. It pairs well with chocolate too.  
: A sweet Concord wine, very fruity, good for sipping or served with a dessert. May be reminiscent of days gone by - like the grapes from your grandmother's garden. 

Fruit Wines
MILL HOUSE CRAN -- Sweet:    A cranberry wine that is a delightful holiday fruity sensation. Serve chilled.  
BERRYESSA:  This is a very flavorful blackberry wine. It is a sweet wine that may be enjoyed as a dessert wine chilled.
BLUEBERRY DELIGHT:  This wine is made from blueberries and is high in anitoxidants. A good health choice and goes well with cheeses as well as blueberry cheesecake (Click here for recipe).
:  This wine is a sweet white wine that is considered a dessert wine and is one you can relax with out on your patio in the evening.